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Medical Alert Jewelry can save your life..
Life Examples

It is easier to understand how medical alert id can help in an emergency situation when explained by example. Therefore here are a few real life situations to think about.

*When you are on vacation and not near your regular physician.

*Your family member (with Alzheimer's) is at a day program and you are not with them. (Alzheimers Care)

*Child with bee sting allergy is at park with friends and gets stung.

*Sports oriented child with asthma. (Childhood Asthma Allergy

*Cerebral Palsey patient is rushed to hospital without caregiver.

*Diabetic child at camp passes out from high blood sugar.

*Child with severe food allergies spends the night with friends.

*In accident while traveling and you are without your medical records.

*Coronary heart disease

*You or family member on blood thinners has another heart attack and (emergency personnel need to know this so they do not to give too much medication).

*Person with Epilepsy is around those who do not know the symptoms.

Mentally challenged loved one who is not able to be with you 24 hours a day.

DNR wishes

*Shunts for dialysis patients, warn of incapability of blood pressure/injections in that arm.

*Who to contact for you if needed in any emergency situation and you are away from home.

Think about it, how would anyone know what medical conditions/allergies you have to begin to treat you. With Medical Alert ID medical personel have a head start, while you and your family know that you have a better chance now that you wear your medical id.

Hopefully now your are ready to get your Medical Alert ID.



E-Mail us your story and we may use it to help spread the word about Medical ID.


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